Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success Book Launch

It’s funny.

In one way, it is all over. All of the excitement, planning,coordinating, worrying and organizing is all just a memory right now.

In another way, this is just the beginning! I am ready to unlock my own future, and at the same make a difference in other people’s lives. That to me is success. Being able to know that other people got a job, figured themselves out, developed more confidence or in whatever way changed their lives in a positive way, that is why I am here. That is success to me.

So I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank those incredible people who supported me to make the launch such a great night.

Thank you


It was such an honour to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening’s book sales.Thanks to John Heckbert from United for Refugees for being there and speaking about just how the organization is making a difference in so many people’s lives.

Tonya and a group of young women celebrating the launch of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success

Celebrating the launch with some lovely ladies.


Big thanks to the readers who spoke about the book;  Sax Appeal for their sax tunes (just the perfect background music); Dylan Black, DJ extraordinaire with Boom 99.7; Krackers Katering and the staff of Temple Israel Ottawa; the cake girls Dagny and Erin and the flower girls, Maricko (spelling?) and Courtney of Barrhaven Loblaws; Linda C. for her photography that evening; Melissa and Mel for their amazing organizational skills;  and big huge thanks to the many people who purchased a copy of the book and supported us. Special thanks to Anne de Butte who bought four copies to send to Crosslake Reserve with Project #motherlove. Congratulations to Breanna for winning the Basket of Inspiration raffle!


Tonya is handing Breanna a Basket of Inspiration - a laundry style brown wicker looking basket filled with items like a cushion, a journal, the book Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success, a blanket, a pen and three small pictures- all with inspiring sayings.

Congratulations to Breanna for winning the Basket of Inspiration!



The night was filled with love, support and inspiration.

Three women from March of Dimes celebrating the official Ottawa launch of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Succss

Some fantastic ladies from the March of Dimes.



A line up of people waiting to purchase their copies of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success

Getting ready to unlock their own futures!

It inspired me to keep going; to keep sending emails and tweets to TV shows like Canada AM, Breakfast Television Toronto and The Marilyn Denis Show.

It also inspired me to reach out and connect with people in a different way. I know how hard it is to have your voice heard through a blog. There are MANY, MANY, MANY blogs out there all vying for people’s attention.

So I thought I would do something different. Instead of writing a blog, from now on I am going to post a video blog. They are going to be short – two minutes max. Straight to the point. Helpful. Fun. Easy to access.

The subject – the keys to success.

We are going to have a good time together.

Join me next week as we start the journey and get ready to unlock your future!

Book signing table at the official book launch of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success. Gary's ruler and a messy ball of yarn illustrating the life is not straight. It can messy and challenging and filled with unexpected road blocks. The book gives you the tools to navigate through life and create your own beautiful future.

Some books waiting to be signed.

Lloyd the dog walking around the rows at Temple Israel during the official Ottawa launch.

Lloyd, the original Puddle Jumper, at the official book launch of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success.

Delicious cake thanks to Dagny and Erin.

Beautiful and delicious cake in the box. My cake girls, Dagny and Erin, are incredible!


A certificate from Jim Watson, the Mayor of Ottawa, congratulating Divya Parekh and Tonya Pomerantz on the publication of the book Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success

Congratulations from the Mayor of Ottawa for the publication of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success. So very cool!




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