Top 10 Reasons Why Millennials Need to Puddle Jump

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Gen Y

(As compiled by members of Gen Y)

10) Having someone on the outside gives you objective feedback away from your family and friends. (Sometimes loved ones tell you what you want to hear or what they believe you SHOULD be doing.)

 9) Puddle Jumping is fun, and if you have a goal to reach (like increased self-esteem or you want to figure out what to do with your life, or if you feel lost and don’t know your next step), Tonya will work with you to get there and offer support throughout the entire journey.

 8) Tonya is encouraging and direct and to the point – she doesn’t sugar coat it. She calls it like she sees it. She tells the truth, and wants the best for her clients.

7) Tonya has awesome connections and is open to using them. She has a huge list of contacts, is resourceful and not afraid to contact complete strangers if that is what is needed.

6) Out of the box thinking. She is eager to explore all sorts of options, some that young people may not have even ever considered.

 5) Tonya is optimistic, yet realistic at the same time. She listens non-judgmentally and you can tell her anything without the feeling of being judged.

 4) Puddle Jump Coaching is not counselling. When I talk to Tonya I never feel like there is anything wrong with me. She encourages me, celebrates the great news with me, and focuses on what I am trying to do.

 3) People in their 20s want to move out and get on with their lives – Tonya understands this and supports us in finding our own way.

 2) It’s not scary talking to Tonya.

 And the number one reason Gen Y needs to Puddle Jump:

 1) Having a coach in your 20’s means you are ready to take responsibility for your life and take control of your future. With all the pressure to perform and achieve more and more, it can be difficult when you don’t have the right tools to get the job done. Puddle Jump Coaching is a great tool to have on the journey.

Thanks so much you guys – glad to help you reach your unique potential!





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