Key to Success – Focus

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Focus on what’s important


My dad taught me how to drive by practicing in the empty parking lot at the local grocery store. He gave me the wheel and told me that the car was going to go where I was looking.  Testing his theory, I learned that yes, indeed, he had a point. Thankfully it was an empty lot so there were no cars to hit. Which I most definitely would have!

Turns out that piece of advice is a pretty good life lesson.

Think about it for a second. When you choose to focus on something, that is where all your energy goes. So when you choose to a) look for a job or b) develop your company or c) set any kind of goal for yourself, staying focused is imperative.

When you are designing your successful life, you need to stay focused. You need to keep looking at what you want to happen.

And trust me, I certainly know how difficult it is to stay focused. There are a million (probably not exaggerating) things that will seize our energy and our focus if we let them.

This is why determining what we want, our definition of success, is such a critical first step in creating a successful life. It’s one thing to figure it out, it’s an entirely different thing to stay focused.

Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, your favourite athlete or sports team – they all have to stay focused on their goals. Beyonce just dropped Lemonade. Springsteen just completed his 2016 The River tour. Do you think either of these would have happened had these artists lost their focus?

It’s the same for non-celebrities. If you want to create something, you need to focus on what you want.

We know how challenging it can be to focus in the age of youtube videos, instant chats and social media. That’s why there are all sorts of apps to help people stay focused on their goals.

But, and it is a big, HUGE, but here, staying focused is imperative if you want to be, get, produce, create or in any way possess something. Creating SMART goals is an effective way to help you stay focused.

It’s like driving that car. You’ll steer in the direction that you are looking.So look at your goals, and stay focused on your journey.

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