Invest in your OWN future!

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A workshop for parents of adult children still at home.


Many parents invest a lot of money into their children’s education. Other parents don’t have that kind of opportunity so the kids get student loans. Sometimes it is a combination of both of these.

After years of post-secondary education, incredibly hard work and determination, the young adult walks across the stage to accept their diploma.

That’s it! They made it! For many years graduating meant getting a job. After all, isn’t that the deal? You go to school, you graduate and then you find a job. You move out, you get married, you have kids, you retire…that’s life.

But guess what. That’s not life anymore.

To Life!

I saw an awesome ad that speaks to what life is all about.

Nowadays the young grad is back at home, can’t find a job (but has lots of education under their belt) and parents supporting them.

It’s scary for the young person for sure, but let’s think about the parents for a moment. Some people are putting off their own retirement so they can support their adult child. Now that’s a frightening situation!

It has become such an important topic that it is a fundamental issue in the US elections .

Many parents have asked me how they can help their kids. Here’s the bottom line – set them up for career success. Give them resources to help them find their purpose, employment and independence. That’s how parents will be able to invest in their own future.

That’s how their children will be able to stop adulting and start living their independent lives.







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