How to get along with your teenager


Thumbs up for teens!

How to get along better with your teenager – 15 tips to share with your favourite teen.

I heard somewhere that 15 is the worst year of a person’s life. So for people 16 years and older this is good news. For those 15 year old teenagers out there, here are some tips to get through that year:

1)      You are not as ugly as you think– in fact, you are not ugly at all. But you may think this for a long time. Then one day many years from now you will see a picture of yourself and think “wow, I was not that bad looking.” And you will have wasted all those years feeling ugly. What a waste of energy!

2)     Take showers. Take baths. Smell nice (but not overpowering).

3)     Get lots of sleep. Don’t sleep in on the weekend – keeping a regular schedule is best for your body…listen to it.

4)     Turn off your devices at night. When you go to bed, turn off your cell phone. If you can’t bear to do this yourself, ask your mom/dad to keep it during the night.

5)     Don’t sext. And don’t pass sexts around if you are sent something. You could get into huge trouble with this – police, records, life – all can be severely impacted by this.

6)     Figure yourself out – what makes you tick? What do you like doing? What are you all about? When are you happiest?

7)     Join things – join clubs at school, make friends with different people, do things.

8)     Do things for other people or animals – What is important to you? Do you love animals? Do you like helping people? Would you like to volunteer with older people? There are so many ways that you can help others – and helping others will make you feel good. I guarantee this.

9)     Don’t put everything online – and whatever you do put online make sure is something that you would be cool with your parents, your teachers and your grandparents seeing. Trust me, this is something that will be there for the rest of your life. Google yourself to see what comes up. Again, trust me, future employers will be googling you and if they don’t like what they see, you will be losing out on opportunities.

10)  Smoking is really unattractive. Don’t listen to other people when they tell you how cool it is or how much of a wimp or a loser you are for not smoking. Those people are the losers – they will be the ones with an addiction to tobacco. Not you. You will smell nicer, not annoy people, and maybe even live longer. There is absolutely nothing attractive or positive about smoking. You end up with yellow fingers, yellow teeth and all of these wrinkles around your mouth…and none of this is cool.

11)   Your parents aren’t the worst people in the world. And your parents don’t always know how to deal with you. They don’t have all of the answers either. Please cut them some slack.

12) The best way to deal with your parents is to use your critical thinking skills (which you have!) and make things into logical business propositions.

13)  Things get better. I promise.

14)  Look into working with a coach– working with a coach helps you connect with someone. With all of the technology (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr) there is a huge lack of connection with others, but a coach supports you by helping you achieve your goals. You gain clarity through discovering your authentic self, and your self-confidence and self-esteem will increase through this new self-awareness.

15)  Know this – teenagers are truly awesome. You are creative, bright, refreshing and important. And cool – just by being you.

Here’s to a happy adolescence!



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