Can shopping for a used car change your life?

Silver Mazda 3S car

Silver Mazda 3 S

Life is like shopping for a used car – you would never buy one without knowing what you want.

Last Saturday was the first day of my used car shopping adventure. The one I’m driving is on its last legs – as the broken catalytic converter reminds me with each melancholy moan.

As they say in GOT, winter is coming. I don’t want be stranded or desperate. I’ve been there before; it’s not pretty.

I am looking at this as an opportunity to research, take my time and not rush into anything.

My second test drive was a sporty Mazda 3S. Silver, spotless and low mileage; it was great on paper.

But for me it, it was too sporty. I felt uneasy. I was uncomfortable making shoulder checks and it just didn’t feel right. At the top end of my small budget, I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me.

Used car must haves

I know what’s important to me in a car; function, fuel economy, reliability, age and budget.

I am looking for a hatchback with lots of cargo space. Something that’s practical, not sporty. One that has not seen seven winters already, that is inexpensive to fill up and that I can afford.

Although it was a super car, the Mazda didn’t tick all of my boxes. It did however tick all of the boxes of the 18 year old guy who owned it. 

What ticks your boxes?

Because that’s what life is. You need to know your values, what you value.

Imagine looking for a car if you did not know what you wanted. You would go from car to car but would never know which one would make you happy.

Life is like that – we need to do the work to figure out what we want in our lives.  Life is also about making sacrifices, and knowing your non-negotiables. Unless you are infinitely and independently wealthy, you may not be able to have it all at the same time.

Will I get my practical, economical, reliable, newish car that fits in my budget? That remains to be seen. I may have to focus on my most important needs – but I have to do the work to figure that out. And that is what life is – a series of exercises to figure out what is most important to us. 

Once we do that, we will be able to drive a car – and live a life – that ticks all of our unique boxes.





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