Gen Y at Work: Finding a job with Twitter

Using Twitter to find a job


 Yes, I said it. Twitter is not just for posting your feelings about the awards ceremony/reality talent show/football game that you’re watching. It’s not even just for getting breaking news or seeing what yummy lunch your fave celebrity had.

Believe it or not, Twitter can help you find a job.

I know. I have heard all of the protests and the skeptics. (Heck, I am married to one!) But hear me out…here’s how you can use Twitter to help you create the life you want to live.

  • Use #resume, #interview, #jobsearch, #job, #career etc…you get the picture? You can get a lot of really great (and totally free) career advice on line. Your worries will be over. You will know how to get, prepare for and take part in an interview. Or write a resume or look for a job. Trust me, it’s there.
  • Follow awesome and knowledgeable career professionals. Check out what they post; who is following them and who they are following. You never know where you’ll end up! @puddlejumpcoach – please join me!
  • Some companies only advertise on Twitter. Why should they bother posting a traditional ad and risk being inundated with completely non-related and non-qualified candidates when they can simply post a 140 character pithy ad on Twitter and reach their target market? The people following them on Twitter are already onside. Why waste time, effort and energy on anything else? Speaking of which, believe it or not, some companies actually say on their posting that candidates must have been following them on Twitter for a least a year. Yep, it’s true. I saw that myself.

It really IS a small world…

  • Create a global network. With social media and technology, we are not bound to simply look for a job or a career (or anything for that matter) in our own little neighborhood. Go big or go home. Always dreamed of a life in the south of France? Well, vas-y! Twitter can make that happen. Want to embark on an Italian job? Well, buon appetito! You may end up eating all of the pasta you want after you establish a connection with some Italian companies. Twitter is about establishing relationships, it’s up to you to build them!
  • Be part of the conversation. The joy of Twitter is that everyone has a voice – and a hashtag can get you heard. Without an appropriate hashtag your profound (or professional) tweet may end up being completely ignored. And you don’t want this. You can check out for some great ideas.
  • Professional branding. Why not use Twitter to demonstrate your professional maturity? It’s a rhetorical question. You NEED to use Twitter for this. You need to be able to differentiate yourself from other people who are going to be applying for that position. Show your potential employer how professional you are even before you get an interview.

It’s who you know – so get to know people!

  • You can create fantastic connections. Trust me. I did this. I wanted to get some information about engineering careers. I found the head guy of Engineers Canada (or something to that effect) and I reached out to him on Twitter. He helped me find a couple of engineers for my client to have informational interviews with in an entirely different city from my own. This kind of resource is invaluable, and I thank Twitter for the opportunity.
  • Get answers in real time. After way too much procrastination I finally went for my blood test. (Not my favourite thing in the world.) One thing that I do enjoy doing is networking on behalf of my clients. I was working with a qualified job seeker who wanted to work in a lab. So, I took the opportunity to ask the lady at reception how did these other lab tech people get hired? She told me through the city. I tweeted out to the city asking who to address a cover letter to. Less than 20 minutes later I had my answer.
  • Free (or least discounted) stuff. Yep. This happened to me too – I saw on Twitter that a mental health comedy fundraiser was giving  away discounted tickets to their followers. I was one of them and was able to attend the event for half price. Another time I found a competition to win tickets to see Argo. I entered and won. (And really enjoyed the movie.)
  • Engage in conversations about your industry. Keep up to date. Can’t attend a particular conference? You can follow the hashtag (like Cannexus2015 for example) and follow along with the live tweets. It’s almost like you’re there – except without the jet lag and the hefty price tag!

See, Twitter is an incredibly valuable resource. And like all of the job search tools I have talked about in this series, you have to remember that even if you choose not to use it; it doesn’t mean your competition won’t!

Stay tuned for next week as we tackle networking – it’s not just an internet thing!

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