Fixing broken relationships between parents and their young adult children

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Parents quickly realize that their children don’t come with an instruction manual, yet somehow parents manage to wiggle and jiggle their way through childhood and even those challenging teen years.

Suddenly, the teenager is growing into an adult and all bets are off.

What to do with a 20 something that comes back home after graduating from post-secondary education – jobless, homeless and hopeless?

Relationships can get damaged, even destroyed by the ensuing lack of communication between parents and their children.

Their kids are playing at being adults – they even have a name for it – adulting. They are 1/2 child, 1/2 grown up. But very often completely lost.

One thing is for sure – these young adult children are not alone. There are plenty of young people in the same boat. They feel scared, confused and anxious about the future.

They have done everything they were taught to do. They graduated from high school, went to a good university, graduated from the university program they hated but felt obliged to finish. Now they are working at the coffee shop or grocery store. If they are lucky, they are under-employed. 

If they are not lucky, they are still looking for a meaningless, soulless and minimum wage job. A position they could have secured while still in high school – with the same minimum wage.

No wonder they are filled with anxiety, frustration and often not just a little bitterness.

But families need not despair. Puddle Jump Coaching is a resource and solution to help repair these broken relationships. The manual parents and their children need is the book Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success; an effective blueprint for young people to create the life they want to live.

In doing so, they will be launching their own independent lives and you will be able to step back and watch it happen. It’s pretty wonderful.

Puddle Jump Coaching talking with Derick and Heather on Rogers Daytime about building bridges between parents and their young adult children.





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