Buying a used car takes a village

Khaki green coloured 2012 Kia Soul in a parking lot it takes a village to find the right used car

It really did take a village to find the right used car!

They say it takes a village.

Within moments of posting my SOS, my friend Sophia Jacob messaged me with a name – Nikky Adewunmi.

I was grateful for this reference, but it wasn’t just Sophia who referred Nikky to me.

In total, about five people suggested I contact her. Other friends reached out to me and recommended their previous sales representatives.

My village

The next morning I connected with Nikky, a phenomenal Sales and Leasing Consultant who works at Myers Barrhaven Hyundai.

From that morning until October 4th we were in touch most days. Even when she was in the middle of opening the new dealership, she stayed connected with me. Unlike with my dealings with other sales representatives at other dealerships, I never felt neglected or ignored.

On the contrary, Nikky would email me possible cars to explore and we would connect via phone or text later in the day. Nikky demonstrated her commitment, dedication and focus in trying to help me find the right car. 

The next week was spent researching, trying to locate cars or visiting dealerships.

Solo or with Gary I must have visited at least 10 dealerships. With such a tight budget, I was waiting for just the right trade to come in.

I was on Autotrader for hours deep into the night on Saturday, September 30th. I emailed dealership after dealership. I was determined in my quest.

On Monday my mail box was full of responses from the various dealerships. I took the opportunity to write them all back, indicating what I was looking for and my budget.

Some of them contacted me afterwards, including one who told me about a Kia Soul for sale. Years ago I was obsessed with the Soul, as my former co-workers at CERC likely remember.

Intrigued, I went to check it out the next day.

As I was sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for the dealer plates to be put on the back, a sales representative walked by and said “the car’s been sold.”

I did not laugh.

You can imagine my response. I can guarantee you he did expect it.

I explained my lack of humour and he got it. We laughed and the dealer plates were put on. I was off in the 2012 Kia Soul.

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