Clients' Testimonials

  • Waterfall

    As a recent engineering graduate the task of finding full time employment can be quite daunting and hard to do alone. To aid me in my job hunt I was recommended the services of Puddle Jump Coaching by a family friend who recently required their services. Over the course of four sessions I was provided helpful advice on resumes, networking, and unique approaches to improving my personal brand both online and in person. In summary, I found Puddle Jump Coaching to be a positive experience that I feel confident has provided me with the tools to begin my career.    

    C.B., Engineering Grad., 22 years old
  • Flowers

    You have a genuine gift for connecting with people of all ages and it makes me excited for all those that will unlock their future. I still have no idea how you ignited him… but the change is extremely profound. For me, you did what I can describe as a simple process for a convoluted problem that filtered the pollution. You cut to the core of the matter providing clarity and resolve. THANKS!!!!

    B.P., parent of F., 25 years old
  • Forest in automn

    Thank you so much as always for the input. I’m feeling really good about the direction and the momentum. Please stick with her on the next steps as much as possible. Amazing progress. It’s not easy for her but thanks to you she is forging ahead.

    M.H., mom of E., 25 years old

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